Full Service Repair

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Jewelry Repair Minneapolis:

We pride ourselves on being able to repair pretty much any piece of jewelry. Whether you need a new crown, a replacement post for your earring, a stone tightened or a prong straightened…chances are we can fix it. Even if you just have a feeling something might be wrong, let us take a look to ease your mind.
We can repair:

•    Yellow Gold
•    White Gold
•    Platinum
•    Palladium
•    Sterling Sliver
•    Pearls
•    Diamonds
•    Gemstones
•    Diamond & Gemstone Recutting


•    Vintage/Antique jewelry
•    Clasps
•    Bracelets
•    Necklaces
•    Rings

* We do not specialize in watch repair!

Cleaning & Inspection

Jewelry Cleaning/Inspection Minneapolis:

There is a lot to be said for clean jewelry. Imagine cleaning a window and then putting a hand print on it. It is no longer clean and clear. The same applies with your jewelry. Your rings come into contact with everything you do. Your necklaces can be coated in perfume and hairspray. Your earrings can become loose with the daily on and off. Bring your jewelry to Diamonds Direct and let us clean and inspect it at NO charge.


Jewelry Appraisal Minneapolis

There are a number of reasons why you may seek a jewelry appraisal. It will establish the value of your precious and/or heirloom items for:

• Insurance companies usually require one before they give you a policy or make a damage/loss settlement
• Tax purposes
• Establish a selling price
• Estate settlement
• Charitable donation

When making your appointment, please let us know which of the above your appraisal will be used for. Sometimes different purposes can require different types of appraisal.
Diamonds Direct offers a FREE APPRAISAL on one item of jewelry with each additional item costing $25 each. Many jewelers charge $50-$200 per item so we are confident our service is not only valuable, but very fairly priced.
At Diamonds Direct, your appraisal will be done while you wait, but only with a scheduled appointment. You will enjoy the family atmosphere found in the jewelry store. Browse our stock of engagement and fashion rings, admire the many pieces of estate jewelry while we complete your scheduled appraisal. Call (612)929-0054 to schedule an appraisal appointment.